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Jimmy's Cambridge Charity

Here at Cambridge Property Lettings we believe in giving back to our community, that’s why in December 2018 we committed to giving £100 to Cambridge-based charity ‘Jimmy’s’ for every newly managed property we took on. Jimmy’s offers short-term and emergency accommodation for men and women who would otherwise be homeless in Cambridge. The donation of £1,300 was presented by Jeremy Liming, Director and Angela Grant, Head of Lettings who is also a volunteer... Read More »

Lettings tips for Students

As a student in Cambridge, letting a property can be both exciting and frustrating, get yourself prepared and you will reduce the risk of your perfect property being snapped up by another group. As experts in Cambridge property lettings we suggest the following Check you can afford the rent – this may sound obvious but you do need to ensure the numbers stack up Check your credit scores, do you know the credit scores of all who will be living in the... Read More »

Love the One event, sponsored by Cambridge Property Lettings

Cambridge Property Lettings sponsored this event, helping to raise £10,000 enabling three new schools for over 100 children. Watch the video here: Read More »

Medals for NHS on the front line, designed in Cambridge

Harry Gray the artist behind Cambridge's Romsey "R" sculpture, has been busy during the last few weeks, designing medals he believes should be awarded to NHS workers carers and volunteers on the frontline of this pandemic. Romsey has taken his inspiration from the many people he has overheard saying that the frontline workers deserve more than a clap, they deserve a medal. He has based his design on the Nightingale badges that were awarded to nurses at... Read More »


How do you know how good you are? When someone else, who is independent checks out 25,000 other branches looks at 1 million Rightmove listings, 1.5 million transactions and 25 million leads and 1.5 billion property views carries out 50,000 “mystery shopper calls” on the top 10% branches and then gives you their verdict. That’s what has just happened to us! In the 2018 Property Academy Awards, Cambridge Property Lettings was selected as being in the top... Read More »