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Like all the best businesses, Cambridge Property Lettings started in the kitchen over a shared cup of coffee

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We like all our properties to be quality, comfortable homes with character, so you can enjoy the real experience of living in beautiful, historic Cambridge. We believe modern renting is all about lifestyle choice - do you want a quiet, leafy street with a park nearby, or be in the centre of the city's buzz, history and activity? Fancy a slick, modern apartment or quirky Victorian terrace? We can offer all these options and more to help you shape the Cambridge experience you really want while you are here.

We take safety very seriously, so that you can get on with the fun of living in Cambridge, with all the culture, sport, entertainment, shopping and educational opportunities it has to offer. So we make sure our properties conform to all the necessary safety regulations and guidelines, down to the last detail. We want you to make memories with friends and family while you are living here, and want them to be happy ones.

Modern renting is about hassle-free flexibility, setting you free to live life to the max without worrying about a mortgage or DIY. You will have a dedicated property manager to guide you through the rental paperwork from application to move-in, and who is your 'go to' person for concerns and queries. If a problem arises in your new home, we also have an online maintenance system which prompts you step-by-step through possible solutions to the issue and, if not resolved, reports it automatically, so it can be dealt with promptly by a professional. For urgent problems outside office hours there is also a 24/7 emergency hotline.

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From minor makeovers to major renovations, our trusted tradesmen will help your rental property stand out in the marketplace.

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It always helps to put a face to the email or voice at the end of the phone. So here is some of, the small but wonderful CPL team,
working hard to look after you and your property.

  • Jeremy Liming MARLA Jeremy Liming MARLA
    Jeremy Liming MARLA


  • Angela Grant MARLA Angela Grant MARLA
    Angela Grant MARLA

    Head of Lettings

  • Rachael Ratcliffe Rachael Ratcliffe
    Rachael Ratcliffe

    Property Manager

  • Karen Holland Karen Holland
    Karen Holland

    Property Manager

  • Michael Brentnall Michael Brentnall
    Michael Brentnall

    Lettings Co-ordinator

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