Anyone can buy a property, not everyone can buy an investment

Buy-to-let properties are often great investments, but you need to look at them as a medium to long-term investment with some responsibility attached and not the means to a ‘quick buck’.

If you are considering investing in a buy-to-let property you will probably have lots of questions. Will I get a good return? Is it best to buy a flat or a house? Can I find a property where I can add value and will it make sense to do so? How much money do I need to buy in Cambridge and can I get a mortgage?

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These are some of the many questions you might like help with. We at Cambridge Property Lettings have helped dozens of buyers and would love to help you. We will give you honest, frank advice to help you think things through realistically but we understand that ultimately, it is your money and it must be your decision.

Don’t forget if you come to us we will not only help you find a good property to buy we can help with negotiations, recommending solicitors, refurbishing the property and even furnishing it before handing it over to our experienced lettings team.

  • Jeremy Liming MARLA Jeremy Liming MARLA
    Jeremy Liming MARLA

    Jeremy has been involved in property since his early 20's. He has been working in the Cambridge property scene for over 15 years. He has a considerable experience and knows the rental scene really well, knowing what tenants are looking for. With a background in building he knows how to make the most of a property. He would love to chat through your ideas on investing in Cambridge.

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  • Trevor Hames MARLA Trevor Hames MARLA
    Trevor Hames MARLA

    Trevor has advised and helped countless people invest in Cambridge properties and has a wealth of experience. He says the key is "understanding the clients' aims, being patient, seeing potential, and then moving quickly." For years he has been saying "anyone can buy a property but not everyone can buy an investment".

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