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New price record and best sales since 2007

Price of property coming to market hits record high, up 1.1% (+£3,547) to £313,655 this month, though lower than the average increase of 1.6% at this time of year over the past seven years. Overall annual pace of increase continues to slow, now at 2.2%, the lowest for four years: First-time buyer sector is driving growth, up 6.5% annually to new record of £194,881. Strong buyer activity with the number of sales agreed the highest at this time of year... Read More »

Guildhall Tea Dances - Dates throughout 2020

The popularity of Strictly Come Dancing means that tea dances are once more a popular event. A beautiful combination of light refreshment and afternoon dancing awaits at the Cambridge Guildhalls on various dates in 2020. A live organist will be accompanying dancer through classic dances such as the waltz, tango and charleston. Dates are as follows 15th January 12th February 11th March 15th April - Cancelled 12th August - Cancelled 2nd September -... Read More »