Our Values

We're Cambridge Property Lettings. Put simply that's who we are, where we are and what we do.

We think old fashioned honesty really is the best policy. If we say we are going to do something...we do it. If we make a mistake...we admit it and try to put it right. And we don't cut corners or turn a blind eye...it isn't right and just isn't worth it. You need to be sure you can trust us with your valuable investment - your property. Tenants need to know they are in safe hands and will be treated fairly. But also we want to go home at the end of the day feeling proud of what we do.

With 22 years experience of the Cambridge Lettings scene, we've ridden the highs, survived the lows, stuck around and learnt plenty of valuable lessons along the way. Our property managers train for the professional qualifications they need to do an excellent job for you (click on the ARLA logo if you want to know more) We understand what properties need to keep them in tip-top condition; from roof tiles to drains, carpets to light fittings... and everything else in between... we are there for you to inspect, report and respond with our team of trusted contractors. We also do all the late night reading of relevant legislation and guidelines so you don't need to. You can just relax in the knowledge your property is compliant, cared for and in good hands.

We try to remember Lettings isn't just about buildings, money and ticking boxes. It's about people. How we do things affects real lives - yours and your tenants. We are providing homes for people who want to enjoy living in them. We are helping to ensure a hard-earned investment supplies an income which can be relied on. We are playing our small part in addressing the housing crisis in our society. We don't want to forget this. So we aim to listen carefully when people come to us with a question, suggestion or problem, smile (even on the phone - try it, it works!) and try to imagine how we would feel in that situation - before we respond. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and- if it's efficiency you are looking for - we think in the long run it saves time and energy too.

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